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Star Bene in Italian means "to feel good" physically, mentally, and emotionally. A regular massage can make you feel good, more relaxed, less painful, happier, and healthier. The goal of Star Bene Massage is to offer a massage experience tailored on your specific needs, in a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Once you leave, you'll feel better than when you came in.

Because every client is unique, there are many different techniques such as the classic Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, or Miofascial Release. The "Wellness Massage" is designed to give you exactly what you are looking for. There are no artificial differentiations between Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, since they are more based on marketing reasons rather than real technical differences in the type of bodywork. There will be a conversation about your needs, expectations, and preferences as far as the type of touch you like and then the appropriate techniques will be applied that allow us to reach your goals.

All you have to do is relax and let go of your pain!

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About Your Practitioner

Stefania Feltre has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon since August 2014 and graduated from Oregon School of Massage in June, 2014.

Born and raised in Italy, Stefania brings her energy and love for life into a modern and up-to-date bodywork that promotes overall health and well-being. She aims to help people find their balance and health through a holistic approach that empowers the body to self-heal.

Stefania is a mother of three and previously worked as a financial analyst. Outside of her work, she is an avid traveler, yoga practitioner, and authentic Italian cook.

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Our goal is to offer a massage experience tailored to your specific needs, in a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, so that once you leave my studio you'll feel better than when you came in.